Monday, May 16, 2016

KBAR#28: The art of painting

   Since my autobiography is on Wayne Theibaud who is a painter, I need think and know a lot about painting. I know art, and I can draw a little but painting has so many ways to express, its hard to learn about those techniques. From reading countless coloring books and technique books we have in our house, and also Wayne's thoughts, i've concluded multiple things that will help me be like Wayne. Layering paintings is everything when it comes to a realistic vibe, or even detailed abstract piece. When I painted four lined up cupcakes, its harder than it seems. I saw the blues so heavily tinted into the wrapper so i put blues, pinks, purples, and greens into a brown wrapper. Somehow it looked a lot better. I also learned how important highlighting and making shadows in your art is. When you do this it looks a lot more realistic and can trick the eye into thinking the picture is 3-d. Paintings has a lot of things to learn about, and i've really gotten into it more. So i would recommend painting to anyone because it makes you want to be better, and soon you'll get there.

Friday, May 13, 2016

KBAR#27: Reading titles for grades

      I read a life about an artist now onto a report about dance. It seems as though the only thing I've been reading and researching dance because of my hurt foot in P.E., and its not all that interesting. From line dance to ballet 3000 words of just pure dance can be super time consuming. Well I'm not going to talk about dance, I've had enough of that. I'm going to talk about how teachers shouldn't give 3000 page reports about a subject no one is ever going to use, especially me. Even dancers learn dance from their own dance teachers. I was perfectly fine doing my homework, and now guess what, he's making me do another one on tennis! Should i just quit and not do it? Well that wouldn't work because the thought of getting an f in P.E. is pretty embarrassing. To me English is more helpful if you want me to learn some more, and math is even better than English! It may sound like everyone is doing these reports, but no it's just me. I believe you should just give me a sheet to study and then give me the normal test, but of course you have to give me a report. The only thing about this problem is I got my KBAR homework in, but I really could've gotten it anywhere.

Monday, May 2, 2016

KBAR#26: What he passed down to generations

   Since wayne never gave up some people didn't like him for that. They thought that he should just move on and not follow his dream. Waynes way of thinking helped a lot though. His children and his relatives strived their thinking on paintings and only wished to become as talented as wayne. I think that the way that wayne influenced people can be very harsh, the students from his earlier classes said that it was the hardest class that they ever has taken. This method of extreme teaching does not appeal to me but is certainly a thing to tell about when you're older and can paint just like an artist has taught you. He has accomplished many things but I personally think his teaching is the best thing he ever did.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KBAR #25: Representing Wayne

   How do you represent someone who's life is all creativity? A life that others would say is boring but is amazing to him. I started seeing the bigger picture of things, of how he can be represented in 3-d when his life's work his all drawn on paper. I saw he could represented with art of a million pieces. He had been through dark and more dark but then light and after that a middle ratio of light and dark. The buildings in his picture in my opinion represent him, he probably didn't represent it that way but when you are trying to find the true meaning behind all of his paintings you start wondering about the bigger picture more and  more. He seems so average to me and I will admit, kind of boring, yet his representation is stunning in the mind.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Agency

  I believe that human agency has a bigger impact because when we are controlled by other people or forces we usually don't like it. Our choices defy who we are because we can choose if we don't want to go to school, and we can choose to get away from that job and start something new. Our path in life represents our choices, if we work hard and get away from the things that are holding us back we have been given a life that is truly yours. When you decide to skip school and believe that those people that control you will always have control over you, people will see that in your life. It's the things that we believe in and the bad choices that we make that make us know the next thing ahead of us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

KBARR#24: His way to glory

 Wayne was a very determined guy, and yes even though after many trial and error he still didn't really get anywhere he still had hope. I don't know if drawing landscapes and avant garde pictures were his best works, but they certainly got all the attention. He has so much talent and it is very difficult to draw landscape, but the harder things in my opinion are figures and those food and things nobody draws. Soon enough after his teaching he learned to love every aspect of painting. I am really interested in the art industry and some of these artist like Wayne really are involved and love their job/hobby. This book speaks to me because it shows that even if your different or in my case your not great at drawing like at all if you never give up you will be great. He proved all the odds and tries so many different things it's great to be learning so much about him.

Monday, April 11, 2016

KBARR 23: Always an artist at heart

 If you didn't know who Wayne Thiebaud is, he is an amazing artist that has always done some form of art in his life after his back injury in football. He really seems like he loves his job and in this book it tells me that he was always happy, his childhood, school, and jobs. I've only read his backstory, but I already know so much about him and how important all the lead up jobs were. When the author to this book told me that he worked for walt disney and was a cartoonist I was wondering how a cartoonist could become a painter. His jobs like an artist for the army or even working at a ice cream parlor all contributed to his job now. I know now that his cartoon skill, army skill, and even happy memories from childhood had made him the perfect job for him.